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Our Team

JBM personnel are comprised of multiple talents with diverse skills in a dedicated team

We believe that our most important assets are the people we employ. Our experienced team includes project managers, construction managers, electricians, supervisors, leading hands, tradespeople, operators and more, with expertise in a diverse range of operations. These experienced personnel are backed by a dedicated and skilled management and administration team.

With a variety of projects throughout South Australia, our employees have the flexibility to travel throughout both SA and interstate. This also develops team member skills and knowledge via the projects we undertake. JBM's experienced team members mentor all new employees to develop and guide their skillset, ensuring that our clients’ needs are met whilst maintaining the strategic values that our company aspires too.

Our Strategic Values

  • Safety is central to all we do and is non-negotiable- we promote the highest level of safety for our team, clients, sub-contractors, the environment and the community
  • We’re not just there to do a job, we take pride in what we do and how we do it, and we celebrate the achievements of our team
  • We encourage our staff to continually review our systems and processes to maximise efficiencies
  • We value our relationships with our clients, suppliers and employees and treat everyone with respect and dignity by being open, honest and trustworthy in everything we do
  • Approach each and every task enthusiastically and with a can-do attitude no matter what the challenge
  • We believe that nothing is more important than our reputation, and conducting ourselves with the highest level of integrity is fundamental to our company
  • Outstanding values to clients- we play a critical role in helping clients, and their markets, operate more effectively, and we appreciate that this role requires constant vigilance and unrelenting commitment
  • We promote team member growth and satisfaction- our success is dependent upon the shared contributions of all of our team members, and we support our workforce with a professional management team that provides informed leadership and direction