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JBM Solutions has now partnered with GEOHEX, Australia’s leading Erosion Control System. GEOHEX is a unique ground stabilisation & sediment control technology with a multitude of applications & easy installation. Purchase your GEOHEX from JBM for only $27 per m2 or $26 when you order by the pallet!

An ideal solution for rural & farming, civil construction, commercial & residential applications, GEOHEX can be used for temporary roads, walkways, carparks, landscaping & more. GEOHEX is a cost effective, simple & sustainable alternative to concrete or asphalt.


JBM Solutions GEOHEX applications include:

  • Horse Yards, Stables & Arenas
  • Sloped Driveways
  • Golf Course Cart Paths
  • Semi-Rural Driveways & Roads
  • Beach Access
  • Residential Landscaping
  • Livestock Water Troughs & Feed Lots
  • Livestock Yards
  • Carparks, Garden paths & Walkways
  • Turf Stabilisation
  • Stormwater Management
  • Decorative Gravel
  • Cycleways
  • Parking Bays
  • Surface Stabilisation & more

GEOHEX Specifications:

  • 1000mm L x 500mm W x 42mm H
  • 2 Pavers per square meter
  • 2.7kg weight
  • GEOHEX is mannafactured from recycled, high impact co-polymer polypropylene
  • Maximum load rating 1200t/sqm (filled) 300t/sqm (unfilled)
  • Temperature range -45 to 100 degrees celsius
  • 170 pavers per pallet
  • Colour - black (custom colours available)
  • Water permablity - 99.7%
  • Infill requirements - 1m cubed for 20m2 of GEOHEX
  • Sustainability - 100% recyclable, non toxic to humans, animals and plants, inert and non reactive to solvents, oils, chemicals or water

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JBM Solutions can supply & install your GEOHEX no matter how big or small your Project.


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